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Believe it or not, I’m an introvert. Truth is, that’s the case with most people in my profession. I spend a good bit of time by myself because I like the solitude, and I need the space to recharge; need the time to create. My creating usually comes from what, to others, might seem like mindless noodling. But Einstein, who’s one of my all time favorite heroes, endorses “mindless noodling,” because that’s where creative ideas are born; the ones that change the world.

I’m not saying I’ll be changing the world anytime soon, but the free-form creative space lets me come up with some rewarding stuff, and it’s definitely good for my health!

After three years of seminary I was ordained in 2000, am a designer, a portrait artist, and have been a writer of songs, prose, and poetry pretty much all my life. Writing has helped me figure out who I am, what’s happening in my relationships, in the world, and in my life; writing continues to do that.

So faith, writing, an outrageous sense of humor, and a huge tender heart are pretty much how I’d describe myself.

Feel free to get in touch, comment, subscribe. Love having you here. Let’s dance!


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  1. Hello again, Cece,
    I have a funny story to tell you. I thought you were a different Ceecee! I had invited her to my new blog, and when you signed up, I thought you were she! You must have thought I was pretty fresh calling you sister without a proper introduction! Of course, after reading many of your earlier posts, I would have said you are a sister, anyway! So, I love your blog and shared it all over the place. You are such a blessing. I hope we can chat sometime.
    Love in Christ,
    (Pastora) Cate Covert

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