Hey you –

Well, here we are. Damn. Long road. You’re scaring hell out of the “golden years,” and still coming from the place of,  “if I can just get this started …”

You lost sight of your dreams for awhile. A long while. That period between the kids leaving home and you deciding you couldn’t glue the pieces of your marriage back together one more time … yeah, that part. You were in the deep water, kiddo; as a non-swimmer that’s a tough place to be. But hey … you made it. Now, you’ve got just enough time left for the really important stuff. So here are a few tips from the heart of me, to the heart of you:

  • You aren’t your past. Stop looking back there. Look to the future
  • Don’t waste time with regret
  • Get rid of pride. It will separate you from those you love the most
  • Say “I’m sorry” when you are
  • Say, “I love you” every chance you get
  • Eat healthy, but don’t make yourself miserable
  • If you end up face to face with a guy who seems like a potential “last part of your life partner” material, don’t call him your boyfriend. Just don’t
  • Paint. Paintpaintpaint
  • Write. Writewritewrite
  • Write prose, write music, write your story. Even if only your children end up reading about your life, give them that chance. They deserve to know who you are
  • Keep following your dreams
  • Failure is just another word for one way that didn’t work. Find another way
  • Get rid of the bullshit. In your relationships, in your possessions, in your way of thinking. Drop it. You don’t have time for it
  • Be as generous as you can with as many as possible. Start with yourself. An empty bucket can fill no others
  • Relax. This is not a contest. You’ve already won just by waking up this morning
  • Find the humor, always
  • Laugh big, loud, and long, every day
  • That kid inside? Give her free reign on a regular basis. She’ll keep you young. And authentic
  • The relationship you have with God defines everything. Go to Him first, stay with Him through it, and be with Him last
  • A peaceful sleep, a beautiful sunrise, and a great idea are all gifts created just for you. Enjoy them so much they bring you to tears
  • Never forget to say Thank you. A grateful heart is always tender. And a tender heart is always grateful
  • You are loved

Signed – Me

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